Carry Nation – New York DJ Duo

If you have been around the gay scene in New York, then you’ll probably have been introduced to Carry Nation, who are two DJ’s working their magic, not only round the gay scene in New York, but worldwide and in Europe.

Carry Nation is made up of Mr. Aviance, and┬áMr. Automagic. There is more than 10 years that separates the two DJ’s so they have their feet in different generations. This means the music, and sets they play are extremely flexible, and they also admit that they bounce of each other as they play.

They had started out guest DJing on each others performance’s, but then in 2012 they decide to release a single together. “This Bitch is Alive” was a popular dance track, and got them a record deal with Betty Bass, based in London. You can checkout their homepage here.