Goldman Sachs Very Own DJ

dj d-solDJ’s are known for having very varied backgrounds, but none more bizarre than David Solomon. At 55 year old, David Solomon is seen as something of a prodigy, among the staff at Goldman Sachs, where he works as co-president. His last gig was in the Bahamas, where he played at a local tiki bar, to all the beach goers. He plays with Pioneer turntables, and his DJ name is DJ D-Sol.

He has been performing electronic dance music sets for a few years now, and although does’t do more than a couple of gigs a month, he has played in a whole host of locations, including Miami, and New York. He is a bit of a maverick at Goldman Sachs, introducing a study on the work life balance of employees, and limiting the amount of time they would spend in the office, at the weekends.

If you want to follow his journey on Instagram, then you’ll have to follow him, as his account has been made private.