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What to Expect from Bee Removal Near Me?

Bees are admirable and industrious members of the animal kingdom, but they have a tendency to get cozy in human habitats and commercial locations. It takes skills and experience to properly handle a bee colony or honey comb on a property.

In the following article you will find all you need to know when looking for the best bee removal near me.

Are Bees Protected?

While bees are an endangered species, they are not actually a protected species by any environmental law. Nevertheless, the removal and possible elimination of a bee colony must be handled with extreme caution and precision. There are hefty fines involved with mistreatment of bee hives and honeycombs with insecticides or pesticides. Therefore, the bee removal service you choose for this task must have a keen understanding of how to properly perform this task without causing any collateral damage to the environment or humans in the vicinity.

The last thing that any wants is to kill any more bees, but if the colony is presenting a hazard to the property residents of the general public, elimination of the colony may be the only choice if no removal solution can be found. In which case you will need an experienced local service with a knowledge of all this job entails.

Seasonal Bee Swarms

During the spring beehives are the most active and this can lead to unwanted swarms and bee activity that can be a nuisance. This is often because they are looking for a new place to set up their hive. Or, just putting in some overtime to increase their hive capacity.
Bee swarms and hive can be found in many of the following places and it takes skill to properly remove unwanted insects.

• Behind facia boards and soffits
• Compost bins
• Wall cavities
• Inside roof spaces
• Sheds
• Between the ceiling and floor boards
• Garages

Safe Removal of Bees

If there is no option but to eliminate the colony, your bee removal services will choose the time where the bees are inactive so as to cause as little disturbance as possible and work more effectively. Once the bees have been killed, it will be essential to have the dead bodies which will exist in great quantities removed as well, as they can putrefy and cause unwanted smells. They can also attract a variety of other insect pests that will also be a problem.

HoneyComb Removal

Honey bees encase their supply of honey in a specially made wax. Conditions within the hive must be kept perfectly cooled and warmed if the wax comb is to maintain its structural integrity. Once the bees have been removed the honey comb will also have to be removed entirely, otherwise the wax castle will melt and cause honey to drip through masonry, structural elements, gardens and garages. This will cause a great sticky mess and attract a swarm of flies.

If you find yourself wondering “which is the best bee removal near me?” Be sure to take time to look for the local professionals to make sure the job is carried out right the first time. The team with experience, skills, satisfied customers and the proper equipment to work without pesticides or insecticides is the team you need to address a bee problem on your property.