What Makes a Good DJ

If you are an up and coming DJ, then you’ll probably be searching for that secret sauce, for an outstanding performance.  What exactly separates a top DJ from one at the bottom. Well here are some of the best tips, researched together from some of the best DJ’s around the world.

Great technique means nothing if your selection ain’t on point, or at least personal. I see this a lot. I only wanna hear great music. For me it’s best when DJ’s play personal. Only ever play music you love or feel, or it will be a tough, short journey. If you love it they will feel that love in the mix. You should be booked on what you play, not on what the crowd want to hear. It’s like being given chicken cause you love it and never tasting lobster to compare.

This is the opinion of DJ Lil Louis, who is known for masterful mixes.

A born and bred DJ, Spencer Parker is also Work Them record boss. He defines being a DJ as

Put very simply, great records make a great DJ. The passion to find them, the knowledge to know how to program them and showcase them in the best way possible, and the technical skills to put them together imaginatively, for the greatest end result.

Known as one of the club music masters, Dave Clark is known for his sharp opinion.

A great DJ is someone who only cares about the music, not the ego, not the entourage, not the drugs, simple. To have your own sound and follow that, to not change for fashion but to create anti-fashion in a way, to have a heart and follow that.